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I wrote the following blog post for a class at BYU. For this project we picked a local business to create some content for, and this blog was part of the content my team and I created. Enjoy!

From Thimble Beginnings: A BYU Couple’s Hand-made High Fashion

What began as a unique wedding style has become a style for all

It’s wedding day, and it’s everyone’s favorite part—the pictures. Well, at least the bride appreciates having her special day captured by the camera. As the wedding party gathers for the group shots, you notice something different about the groomsmen. It’s their ties. You’ve never seen ties like the ones they’re wearing. Well, that’s because no one has—until now.

Backup a few months to when BYU students Taylor and Adrienne Zundel were planning their wedding. The two of them knew that that they were a great couple, but they were about to find out that they were great business partners, too.

Cream Rose Floral tie by ZUZU

Taylor and Adrienne were looking for the perfect high-fashion look for the groomsmen’s ties. Only, they couldn’t find a tie with the look and feel they were searching for. So, they did the only sensible thing—they made their own!

Their custom-made skinny ties made their debut on the Zundel’s wedding day, and it didn’t take long for others to notice the ties. Shortly after, Taylor and Adrienne made ties for his sister’s wedding too.

Now there’s ZUZU—Taylor and Adrienne’s very own tie business. Adrienne wanted her man to look good in a fashion-forward, European style necktie. It turns out that the only way for that to happen was for them to create their own. Starting from the humble beginnings as students at BYU, the Zundels have made a way for each wedding to be complimented with the unique style of their ties.

Maybe not everyone likes the marathon of pictures on wedding day, but you’re going to like the way you look.

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